"My grace is enough, it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness." 2 Corinthians 12: 9 & 10

Friday, February 10, 2012

We're In Tulsa-2/10/12

We are home!! Thx for the prayers!!! We will keep blogging so you can know more! Continue now to pray for now 4-5 churches who plan to start a Main Event Night!!

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CR Training, Day 4-2/9/12

Today our participants led Large Group & Open Share! They did an amazing job & we enjoyed every moment! Pastor Maxwell taught Lesson 3, Hope & each of us left inspired! The ladies were blessed with a special time of sharing!! Pray for these ladies!!

Great to take a pic of all the participants at the training! God bless these amazing people as they step out to start CR!

Now we are packed & will leave Shiloh House in 30 minutes to head to the airport! We will be in Tulsa on 2/9/11 @ 1pm!

At the airport for dinner with the Odais before we board the plane!

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CR Training, Day 3-2/8/12

Today Steve & I shared our CR Testimony & then our team led open share groups again! A great time of healing & amazed at the level of sharing! The pastors are so excited & can't wait to have CR in their churches!

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CR Training, Day 2-2/7/12

We are thanking God for moving to call people to recovery! Worship was amazing & led by Steve-YES, Murphy!!! Will have to post the pictures off my camera later! Fabulous!!

Pray for the Pastors & leaders attending that the material we've presented won't be overwhelming but exciting & full of promise for themselves & Others!!!!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

CR Training, Day 1-2/6/12

We had a great time of worship & training today! Thank you so much for the prayers!! We had 46 (including our team) from 6 Ghana churches who are excited to learn about CR! We were highly pressed & encouraged with the level of understanding & the depth of the questions! We shared the history of CR & shared the 8 Principles & the 7 Keys! We can't wait for tomorrow!!

Thank God for Cynthia, our housekeeper at Shiloh House who truly has the gift of hospitality & is a fabulous cook! She prepared our lunch today!

Josh & Steve left the training an hour early today with Bishop Odai! We finished up the training so they could make it to the 4pm radio show! Heading to meet them for dinner & then we will all head to the radio station for the 8pm broadcast!!

(Sorry, no more pics taken on my phone/the rest are on my camera & will share when we get home!!)

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Worship @ Maranatha-2/5/12

What a great morning of worship at Maranatha Power Ministries! Steve preached at the 7:30-10:30 service & Josh preached at 10:30 service which was 3 hours! Both shared about CR & changed lives! John & I taught Sunday School classes between services! Amazing worship & wonderful people who love the Lord!

After church & lunch with the Odai family we changed clothes & headed out to 3 villages & to check 2 building projects: the District Church & a school that Helen Inbody has made possible by drawing people to it! Gorgeous site, Helen/great job!!!

7:30 before we got back to the guest house! CR Training starts tomorrow & we are planning for 35 people from 4 churches!! Praise God!!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Visiting villages & Wedding-2/4/12

Bishop joined us for breakfast at 6:30am on Saturday & then we left for the villages! With our Bibles, mosquito nets & plenty of candy for the children we left Shiloh House! This store was an " African QT"... Nice store & has station!

Within an hour we were at Aueydedn village! Actually walked to a 2nd village, too! Kind, smiling people looking for God's people to care... Shared candy, the gift of Jesus & mosquito nets! Hard to leave them!!

On the way back to Accra, Bishop stopped the van to show us a District church in Krabokesa he is building! Such hard workers who must be so thankful for the backhoe!!

We rushed back to our rooms to dress for the wedding!! What a beautiful bride & handsome groom! Then invited to a lovely wedding dinner!

We were not disappointed to head to the Shiloh House around 5 to rest & get ready for Sunday!! We are tired & hot Americans who love the we have met & reconnected with from our last visit!! God is SO GOOD!!

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Shiloh House/Friday, 2/3/12

We arrived in Ghana & are waiting for Valerie Odai to pick us up!

We are settle in the the Shiloh House & have had one of Cynthia's fabulous dinners!!
Resting till 9pm when Bishop Odai will pick us up to go with him to his television show!

Steve & Josh will be on tv with Bishop Odai!! Great job, guys!! Proud of our Pastors!! Great to hear the message of Christ & Celebrate Recovery going even outside Ghana!

After the show we went to the all night prayer vigil at Maranatha! Praise God for His work in this church!! (These Americans only stayed until 12:30am...)

Pray for this young lady who shared a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks, Randy!!

Many thanks to Randy T., my mom, for packing our materials!!

So thankful for a day to be with our Shockley family before we head out tonight for Ghana!! Precious family time...!!

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