"My grace is enough, it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness." 2 Corinthians 12: 9 & 10

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Many many thanks to the staff at Maranatha Power Ministries, below!!

Pastor Steve, Alice, Pastor Julie & Pastor Steve!

Mr. Clemmons, Naomi, Norma & Isaac!

Our drivers/body guards!! Kingsley & Frank!

Norma, Cynthia & Steve!! Cynthia has the gift of hospitality & is an amazing cook! Found time for a cooking lesson & bringing some home!

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Location:Accra - Tema Motorway,Accra,Ghana

10/5-AM-Last trip to Villages!!

Apostle picked us up @ 5am with mosquito nets to take to Maame Dede Village! Apostle spoke with the chief & gained permission to give out the nets/then I gave the chief s net!

People in the village were so thankful for the nets! Josh spoke of life in Jesus & many received him as Savior! The village pastors , Gibson & Paul, will baptize the new believers soon!!

Saying goodbye to the village pastors!! God certainly blessed this village with over 100 nets, thanks to Kairos 10!! What beautiful, happy & content people!!

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Location:Accra - Tema Motorway,Accra,Ghana

10/4-Shopping with Valerie & Kingsley!

So very thankful Valerie & Kingsley were with this group of Americans!! We would have spent SO much more money than we did! Our white skin must have said, $$$!! Valerie & Kingsley were amazing to barter for us/my dolls & nativity will take us back to the market in our hearts & minds!!

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Location:Accra - Tema Motorway,Accra,Ghana

Monday, October 3, 2011

10/3-PM-Home Run & CR on Radio

Josh, Steve & I were excited to have an hour with Apostle Odai on the radio! We first explained Celebrate Recovery, Steve tied CR to the Prodigal Son story that should be called the Forgiving Father & we shared our website! The DJ for the station then asked about Home Run, from our earlier radio interview! We shared about the movie, the vision for the movie, that filming started today & the website: www.homerunthemovie.com

Yes... I look bad here!! I have no hair dryer & no curling iron! What is God trying to tell me?...

We will be on the radio again at 9pm for an hour!! Check it out!! Right... :)

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10/3-AM-Netting Papaaso #1 & 2

We left at 5am with 100 nets! After several meetings with MPM village Pastors we traveled to the first village! There were a hundred little children! They need clean well water, Christians!! Totally overwhelming to see the reality of how some people live! The women walk miles, carrying tubs of water back to their families... Sewage drains into these ponds!

We gave the little children candy, gave the moms a net for their family/you would have thought we had gold for them! If they understood, they would be thanking God for Kairos 10...! The village Pastors spoke to them of our life in Jesus & sang a song together in their native language! Pray for the male & female Pastors from MPM who work in these villages!!

Apostle Odai knew to gain permission from the village Chief to give the nets! He was appreciative & asked us to pray for books for the children & for a water well...!

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Location:Odum St,Accra,Ghana

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10/2-2 Services & Sunday School...

At 7:30am we were at MPM for worship service & to hear Josh preach! The people truly enjoyed his teaching!

Norma taught Valerie's Sunday School class while Valerie translated into Twi! In the 2nd service Steve & Norma shared their CR testimony & Steve then preached! Apostle offered an invitatlion for salvation & rededication! 40-50 came forward! Pray for these people who responded!

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9/30-FINAL Preparation!

After Cynthia's fabulous breakfast we prepared to go to the villages to net another village Appstle has never visited! BUT, we all decided to finalize plans for our Saturday presentation to now 150 Pastors! So, we worked with the talented & ever so helpful staff @ MPM... Back to Shiloah House for dinner with Apostle. Watched Apostle on TV from his office @10pm... Amazing as he talked about CR, the Seminar tomorrow on 10/1, & showed the CR Bible on tv, even using it in his message!!! A CPR Pastor in the making!! Great service from 11pm-4am! (Apostle ushered us out by 1am!)

Location:Third Jct,Accra,Ghana

9/29-PM Villages & Service with Apostle

What an experience to visit the villages where Apostle has started churches & to see children at the school MPM started! We gave them candy & to thank us they sang songs in English: Jingle Bells.... Saw water wells drilled by SHBC & it's members! So touched by these people!!

Back to Shiloah House to get cleaned up!! Apostle picked us up at 6:30 for the Convention of Saints service we attended with him in Accra! What an experience!! No more than 10 white folk among perhaps 5,000 attending! Incredible day experiencing EXTREME poverty in village brothers & sisters in Christ & in pm believers with IMMENSE wealth in Ghana! Amazing to see ALL God is doing in this country! Home by 11pm! :)

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9/29-Radio in AM!!

Today, 9/29, we began the day with Apostle Odai speaking about Celebrate Recovery & Home Run on the radio with his wife Valerie, translating! Pastors Josh & Steve shared their struggles & about the Principles! Pray God brings the right Pastors on Saturday for the Seminar! Apostle told pastors on the radio that all Apostles, Bishops, Pastors & teachers /everyone needs CR!!! Incredible!!

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9/28-Preaching @ Maranatha Power Ministries

Pastors Josh & Steve preach tonight!!! (9/28) So proud!!! What a great church!! A perfect church for CR!! Love, love, love the worship but understand few words!!!!

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Location:Accra - Tema Motorway,Accra,Ghana